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Organic Castile Soaps – Carolina Castile Soaps Achieve Organic Certification from Oregon Tilth

Today we’re going to be discussing Organic Castile Soaps and their certification process. Carolina Castile Soap, maker of multiple all-natural, gently-scented Organic Castile soaps, has recently achieved certification as organic for all of it’s Castile Soaps by leading certifying agency Oregon Tilth of Corvallis, Oregon. Both liquid and bar varieties of Carolina Castile Soap have […]

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Carolina Castile Soap — A European Expansion via Amazon Europe

We’ve partnered with Amazon Europe to bring our soap to 26 European Countries. Just a few years ago, we started Carolina Castile Soap, so that residential cleaning companies and homeowners across the United States would have healthy, all-natural alternatives to toxic cleaning products and even so-called green cleaning products that still included different types of […]

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Carolina Castile Soap Supports the Rainforest Alliance

At Carolina Castile Soap, it’s been our mission since day one of our operations to provide the most natural soaps on the market. A few years ago, a green cleaning entrepreneur wanted a better set of products for cleaning customers’ homes, products that would contribute to their health and wellness in every way possible, free […]

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An Interview with the Vegan Trade Council

We are pleased to interview Joe McCutcheon, president, of Carolina Castile Soap. VTC: What is Castile Soap, and how can it be used? Joe: The history of Castile soap originates from the Castile Region of Spain. Castile soap started off to mean strictly a soap made from Olive Oil. Castile soap has evolved to refer to any soap made from […]

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Six Things We’re Thankful for at Carolina Castile Soap

Spring is in full swing, and we’ve got a lot to be thankful for at Carolina Castile Soap. Check out this quick list that acknowledges the factors that have brought our Castile Soap company success in a very short time! A Growing Castile Soap Customer Base – In our second year of doing business directly with […]

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Triangle Green Cleaning’s Joe McCutcheon Launches Carolina Castile Soap

With the launch of his new company, Carolina Castile Soap, founder Joe McCutcheon has turned what was once a sound business decision in support of his thriving residential cleaning business, Triangle Green Cleaning, into another entrepreneurial passion. Six years ago, McCutcheon, along with his wife, Amy, started Triangle Green Cleaning as a residential service company […]

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